Our project is, above all, a family business born to share the knowledge and passion that we have and feel for astronomy and our culture. In a small house, resembling any typical Andean house (made of adobe and Spanish red tiles.) we have created a place to approach the mysteries of the Universe through the eyes of our ancestors, The Incas.

To do this, we use technology equipment, and a team of passionate and committed people. Tradition, research, technology, science, stories and myths, and of course, lots of passion, are our ingredients of the Planetarium Cusco Experience.

Planetarium Cusco

Planetarium Cusco is probably the most original planetarium in the world. Located only 15 minutes away from downtown Cusco and surrounded by beautiful natural environment.

In the midst of the arqueological site of Saqsayhuaman and the ecological reserve of Llaullipata in the city of Cusco-Peru, lies the perfect scenario for a unique cosmic experience; Cusco´s Planetarium.

There are 3 different stages


 We have a Interpretation Center of the Inca astronomy, here we share stories and interesting facts that help us understand why our ancestors observed the skies as they did, and understand the relationship between the universe and the very practical day to day life.


Another stage is the dome, where we will see a starry sky projection to learn the official constellations as well as the southern skies constellations, and the Incas´ constellation. All these, are accompanied by some fascinating stories. By then we are going to have basic background information to start stargazing.


To finish our visit and depending on the weather conditions, we will show you some treasures of the real skies ( stars, planets, nebulae, constellations of the southern skies) with our telescopes and you will learn how to identify them from the southern hemisphere.


Our center has two interpretation rooms where you can learn the key aspects of the Incan astronomy with informative panels and a didactic lecture by one of our specialists

Our center has a dome with a diameter of 5.5m and enough space for 22 people at a time. In this dome, an astronomy workshop takes place; we project the southern sky in a photographic quality.

The professional telescopes will help us stargaze, different planets, nebulas, multiple star systems, galaxies, and comets, specially from the southern skies, according to weather conditions and time of the year. You can check the astronomical calendar here.

We also have a cute gift shop, here you can buy special souvenirs to remember your visit to the Planetarium Cusco

  • 01 Sky watcher telescope: 12 inches Newtonian on a dobsonian support
  • 02 MEADE telescope: 10 inches hybrid on a dobsonian support
  • 03 CELESTRON telescope: 8 (electronic)
  • 04 Astronomical binocular
  • 05 Digitallis: Digital projector 360˚ 3D

Where does the journey begin? First, you need to book your visit.

The Journey STARts at 6:00 pm at a pick up point, as the transportation is included as an easier and eco-friendly option in a shared service. Round trip of course!