Environmental Impact: Powered by the Stars

Implementing an environmentally friendly plan for the years to come is of utmost importance to us. While Planetarium Cusco has always respected the surrounding nature, using natural elements and minimal impact in service management, at the beginning of 2022, we accelerated the transition to sustainable energy with solar panels. We are committed to developing an internal ecosystem to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible.


Social Impact

Social Impact

For years, we have been dedicated to an educational program that offers daytime sessions to schools and educational institutions in the city of Cusco at a social discount rate, enabling them to explore the wonders of the universe.

More than just educating about astronomy, our aim is to empower children & young people through science, providing knowledge, inspiration, and the opportunity for individuals to discover the universe and their own potential.

As of 2023, we have forged significant alliances with non-governmental and non-profit organizations, sharing a strong commitment to the well-being of children and young people from the high Andes. Together, we aim to work towards a brighter future, especially in less privileged environments.

For these organizations, we have designed two special Andean astronomy sessions, completely free:

1. Girls in Science: The world needs science, and science needs women

This program aims to encourage high Andean girls and sensitize them to pursue scientific careers. Through providing access to mentors, educational material and resources, our program empowers Andean girls to pursue their goals. 

2. Star Scouts: Discovering Our Potential in the Cosmos.

We want to offer this wonderful community of high Andean boys, girls, and young people a unique opportunity to explore their potential and be amazed by the cosmos.

Our Partners


An NGO responsible for the development of sports in Quechua-speaking communities of Peru. It is the first soccer school taught in the Quechua language. We provide quality coaching from experienced professionals, a safe environment for children to learn, and a boost in academic performance. 



The Mantay shelter provides shelter, guidance, and training to adolescent mothers from various departments in southern Peru, aged 12 to 18, who are in situations of social risk. We offer a safe haven for these young mothers, where they can receive comprehensive support through our programs. Our mission is to empower adolescent mothers with the skills and knowledge necessary to build a better future for themselves and their families.

Pachamama's Children School

The COVID pandemic severely impacted remote Andean communities. To help, the travel agency “Pachamama’s Journey” built a small school and financed the connection of three communities to the Internet through satellite dishes in Chupani, Patacancha, and Huacawasi.