Planetarium Cusco
Planetarium Cusco is more than an observatory
It is a space to re-connect with the essential.
Wanna know about the Andean Universe?
Join an introduction to the Andean worldview through astronomy.
We are powered by the STAR(S)
Solar energy for a safer future.
We are commited to change
Empowering high andean children by science, identity and environmental education.
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What will you learn? let Ana María explain.

You will see the universe in a whole new and unique way. Whether you are a lifelong fan of astronomy or a new comer to the wonders of space, our Planetarium has something for everyone.

If you are in Cusco book your visit today.

Join us for more.

We start at 6:00 pm and provide roundtrip transportation.

Daily shows

from S/. 75 adults

Discover the Southern Sky and the inca constellations.

Private Shows

from USD 200 per group. Experience the journey in a private presentation.

Educational Program

Designed for students and educational institutions.

We arrived, learned a lot, were given blankets, given tea, learned more in the traditional planetarium style, then went outside to view our subject. I don’t write these reviews ever. My wife was so happy since she’s been asking her dad to clean the lens on his telescope for 3 years. I’m glad he didn’t. This was a magical experience. My wife was literally giddy.
Michael D
Texas, USA
We have seen observatories all over the world and the value of this tour was priceless, exceptional. We did the private tour and were so glad because we had more time with the telescopes and got to ask so many questions.
Elaine L
Washington, US
El recorrido consiste de tres partes, una explicación mediante unas diapositivas, luego una sala con proyector donde simulan en cielo y las constelaciones (aquí aprendí a identificar de manera rápida la Cruz del Sur) y por último en el jardín exterior colocan tres telescopios donde puedes ver las estrellas que en ese momento se aprecian mejor.
Fernando Chacaltana
Ica, Peru

Meet the Team

Ana María Milla

General Manager

General Director and planetarist, Ana Maria is also a passionate storyteller committed to science and local culture.

She has been at the planetarium since the beginning, experiencing the challenges and the good times. She is the representative in invitations to talks locally, nationally and internationally.

She is also a mother a floral artist and has published three poetry books and one for children about the Inka constellations. And she loves to knit.

Cielo Gonzales

Sales and Reservations

True to her name, our loving, responsible and organized sales and reservations manager is a vital member of Planetarium Cusco. She gives all the information so that everything works well.

With a scientific background in chemistry, she speaks Spanish, English, and German, having lived in several countries. She especially loves her daughter Asha, the sea, sports, music, and reiki.

Johana Abarca

Turistic Guide 

She has a degree in tourism and a well-known bookseller, librarian, reading mediator and cultural manager. This loving mother now combines her passion for books with her knowledge of science and mythology with the visitors of Planetarium Cusco and our digital community. She speaks Spanish and Quechua as native languages, and improves every day in her English and French. She asks him for advice on books to read, that is her talent.

José Martín Justiniani

Turistic Guide

José is also a long-standing member of the planetarium, being a man of many trades. In charge of planetarium maintenance, he is very skilled with planetarium tools and equipment.

His functions also extend to being an excellent telescope guide, quickly finding all types of objects in the sky, with a wonderful memory for their data.

With a reserved temperament, he is brilliant at solving problems creatively. He is very responsible and trusted man of the team. Loving father and husband, eternal student, he is also a very creative entrepreneur, and likes to drive.

Nilton Carvajal

Turistic Guide

He is a tour guide and is passionate about showing local culture to visitors from his experience of having lived until he was 7 years old in a community in the Sacred Valley.

He combines his professional practice with visitors from around the world, he is fluent in Spanish and English and he also likes to teach others Quechua, his mother language.

He likes to go on treks, and to be able to show the southern skies in a better and better way. He is very fond of sports and physical training.

Eder Capcha


It is the second generation of the Capcha family that takes our visitors to the planetarium with love and safety. He is an administrator and businessman. He has a beautiful, binational family who loves reading and music. He shares with the planetarium his love of science and nature conservation.

Where does the journey begin? First, you need to book your visit.

The Journey STARts at 5:30 pm at a pick up point, as the transportation is included as an easier and eco-friendly option in a shared service. Round trip of course!